June 2014

June 2014

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone!!!! I'm bringing you some scrappers love today!!!! These are a few projects I've been working on. I have my first challenge to post on Colorful Creations on July 1st. WOW!! I'm super excited :-) Any who, I decided to challenge myself by trying a new flower. Paper rosettes. I used youtube for my tutorial. I will post the link below. Take a look and challenge yourself to make one.. They are WONDERFUL!!!! I will post my layout after I post it on CC. Hope you enjoy and have a LUCKY day :-)

Okay.. to start this project you need to pull out your punches.  Different punches make different style rosettes.  The video says to cut 1 inch strips but I went from 1-2 inches and in between for different sizes as well.  These are the punches I chose.  I'd pick ones that you think will make a "good" rosette.  You'll get the hang of it after making one or two :-) 

Here are the strips of paper after punching.  As you can see I have different sizes, punches, and colors...

This is a blue piece of velum that I wanted to try out... I used the lace punch on this.

And here is my finished product!!!! Aren't they beautiful??? Of course, you can embellish your with whatever fits your style.  I chose center pieces that matched the style of the rosette.  I also chose to ink the edges of some and I added a white strip to the biggest one for a different effect.  Watch the video below and give this a shot!!! You'll be surprised at how much fun these can be :-)

Oh, and this is just a better photo of the layout I already posted for my sister's album.  The previous one was taken with flash as we had no sun here for a few days..  now that the sun is back, my camera is working full time!!! Thanks for stopping by guys!  You rock :-)

Here is the link for the youtube video... Hope this works!!!!!

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