June 2014

June 2014

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Using Your Punches... Outside of the Box!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!! I'm here to inform you that Colorful Creations has a NEW section of their website called "Tuesday Tutorials" where you can learn FABULOUS new techniques to use on all your scrapbook projects!!!  This week, I'm up for the bid and I have some wonderful things to share!!! 

If you're anything like me, you have tons of paper punches lying around, using them here and there to create a decorative edge or die-cut.  I've watched several videos on how to use them in other ways, but usually I'm just too lazy to do them or just plain forget!!!  So this week, I decided to pull out ALL the stops and show you just what can be done with these AMAZING tools!!!

Decorative Paper Doilies using Corner Edge Punches
You know when you buy those "Punch Around the Page" sets that come with that corner piece that you only use to finish the edges of your die-cut?!?  Well, not anymore!!! Take a look a what these bad boys can do...
I started by cutting circles in increments of 1.25" as that is how wide the average Martha Stewart paper punch is.  If you're using a different type you can measure the width of what the "punched" portion would be and cut a circle in increments of that... Or you can just "eyeball" it and see what happens!!! THERE'S NO WRONG WAY TO DO THIS!!!!!!!
If you don't cut a "perfect" size circle, do what we do best... improvise!!! Add an embellishment on top or hide it under something else on the page!!!! Works for me!!!!
I cut three different size circles and used three different corner punches... Here
 are the results:

7.5 inch circle and Martha Stewart "Double Loops" corner edge punch

8.75 inch circle and Martha Stewart "Spiderweb" corner punch 

This is the opposite side of the above paper...

10 inch circle and unknown Martha Stewart corner punch

Aren't these wonderful?!? And certainly a lovely addition to any project!!!  They can be misted, inked, painted, etc...  I did complete a scrapbook page using the 7.5" one but I need a little sunlight to photograph it.  I will upload it later today or tomorrow!!!  

If you can remember, I  recently posted a tutorial on making PAPER ROSETTES which can ALSO  be made using your paper punches!!! Take a look HERE to see how it's done!!! 

Okay gang!!!! Well, thanks soooo much for stopping in and have a LUCKY day :-)


  1. very nice brandi going to dust off my ms punches and try these this weekend

  2. These are fabulous! I don't have any corner punches. Now you've made me want to go and scoop some up! LOL Thanks for sharing!