June 2014

June 2014

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Handmade Monster High Invitation!!!

Hello my crafty neighbors!!!! I have a few things I've been working on lately and just thought I'd stop by to share my latest creations with you :-)

Handmade Monster High Invitation: "Clawdeen"
My daughter's birthday is coming up VERY fast and she just had to have Monster High Invitations (picture... goth Barbie!).  I don't know much about Monster High other than it's a bunch of teenage "zombie"/"dead"/"goth" barbie doll girls on a tv show!!!  
Any who... After looking online at various ideas, and my daughter telling me that she wanted "Clawdeen" (a "wolf" girl on the show) on the invite, I got started on the hunt for coordinating papers.  Here's what Claudine looks like:

So, I went with deep purples, black, and hot pink!!! They didn't have a "zebra print" in hot pink, so I made my own with a zebra print stamp I just happened to have in my stash.  
Here's a look at the final invite:

I copied the colors pretty well, I think!!!  I even added a "belt" with gold circles around the invite just like her belt.  And yes... I printed out and colored in all 30 Clawdeen pictures using my Spectrum Noir Markers and various Glitter Gel pens.  And then I wonder why I have carpal tunnel?!?  Hahaha!!!!
I added an insert with all the party details, using left over hot pink paper!!!!  
Here's a peek:

I have to admit... After making my first Criss Cross card, I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with them!!!! Especially for my invitation orders!!!!  They are fast and easy, and always look fabulous!!!!  I actually have put together a tutorial for the Criss Cross card that I will be posting later this month!!!

Handmade Simba Baby Shower Invitations
 One of my good friends is due to have a baby soon, which means a baby shower is in order!!!!  She asked if I cut come up with something for a "Simba" (from the Lion King) themed party, using animal type prints in blue and tans.  So, I got to work... And here's what I came up with:

Like I said... LOVE these Criss Cross card for invitations!!!  I printed the Simba on my computer and colored all 40 of them in with my Spectrum Noir Markers!!!  Cute, huh?!?

Handmade "Spa Party" Invitations
Last, but certainly not least are some "Spa Party" invites I was asked to make for a friend.  The order called for purples and pinks and sparkle!!! Here's what I was able to come up with for these:

Again, I went with the Criss Cross card and various pattern papers.  I added glittered ribbon and colored in the nail polish with a glitter gel pen! Another one bites the dust!!!!

Well gang... Thanks soooo much for stopping in and have a LUCKY day :-)


  1. Those are spectacular invitations! The coloring is off the charts - I can't believe you did all that. My daughter loves Spectra from Monster High - yeah, she's eighteen! You just never grow out of some things. haha.